Aaron Kelly Toome Jr. AKA Tome

Soorcerer Gunslinger


Tome stands 5’10" with one of the dirtiest rattiest suits anyone has ever seen. His hat a classic black western hat, his gun belt currently has a Collier Single Action Army revolver and has 32 rounds in the bullet loops. The purple sack hanging on his hip still hangs there empty. and he can be seen casually flipping a golden Confederate dollar coin.


In the small out of the way town of Toome, (Toom) Texas you would be shocked to see how progressive this little town is. With technology only seen in all but the largest of cities like New York, San Fransisco, London, Rome and of course Malifaux itself. the man responsible for all the technology in the town is the mayor himself Aaron Kelly Toome Sr.

Aaron Sr is a mayor, inventor that prescribes to the Darlin way of thinking, and just an all around evil sadistic bastard. Aaron Sr. may have brought more technological wonders to the Small town but with those wonders cam a price, every street corner has a device know as a Corrector tower that rains electric fire on anyone Mayor Toome and the “Sheriff” say deserves it. The entire town is in the grip of those two men and are taxed out of everything they own.

Only one person has ever stood up to Mayor Toome and Sheriff Dukeson, and that was the mayor’s own son Aaron Kelly Toome Jr. No one knows exactly what caused the quarrel that erupted into a full out war between father and son except them and they haven’t seen fit to tell anyone.

Some say that Aaron Jr. or Tome as his friends know him, is just a honest to goodness hero that could no longer stand by and allow his father to continue his evil ways. If you ask one of the deputies before you fry he’ll tell you that Tome is a monstrous murdering bastard and that Mayor Toome and Sheriff Dukeson chased him out of town. Others say that one of Sheriff Dukeson’s deputies murdered Tome’s fiance.

What is know though is what happened when it all started, Tome had two hand fulls of soulstones and started ‘jumping’ all over town and killing deputies until the combined efforts of Mayor Toome, Sheriff Dukeson and the Corrector towers drove Tome out of town.

The letter found Tome in a Saloon in Dallas who was down to one soulstone the clothes on his back his gun belt with an empty holster and a purple bag hanging on his hip opposite the empty holster. and a double headed golden confederate dollar.

Aaron Kelly Toome Jr. AKA Tome

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