Letters from Malifaux

A Veary Krampus Christmas


I have made little progress towards finding fables Devils Challis after taking the job. My only lead thus far is the name Elenore, a underling of Shamus the leader of the Resurrectionists who hold up in the Badlands. With so little to go on, and a general lack of resource, the group I have been hired to guide have decided to take on a side job. Sister Mary has offered 2 stone and choice of arms to each who would guard 30 orphans at a church in the wilds out side of Malifaux. We were to guard them on Christmas Eve. To safe guard the children from Krampus. After the group armed itself we took a coach to the Church. The trip was mostly uneventful with only a brief skirmish with 3 young nephilim.

Just as expected the beast came. Nine feet tall Krampus stood, all horns, fangs, and fur. Clad in red, swinging about ropes and chains, it moved about the room blinking from one place to another in a puff of coal dust. It was all I could do to keep him from attacking with my magic as the others poured rounds and bolts of magic into the horror that stood before us. Finally after quite some time a thunderous cry erupted from Krampus as it was defeated and winked out one last time. After fighting claw, tooth, and nail we managed to stop the beast from harming any of the children. However, there was one hitch. The educated man from Oxford ignored the advice of the others and used fire inside the church. It only took one miss. Nothing more than a single shot gone stray from its intended target to set fire to the cross at the far end of the building and only moments to spread flame to the rest. The children got out safe but the same can not be said for their home. That was burned to little more than ash on the barren ground.

I may not remember your name but I know you are out there.

Your brother,


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