Virgil Rhea Kent

Oxford trained Engineer, Pyromancer, Enchanter, and engraver.


Raised in the south of Kent, near Maidstone, Virgil was the son of a Governess and a successful Blacksmith/ Farrier.
His mother, Helen provided him with his early schooling, and his days were spent tending the forge with his father Reynard Aquinas Plantagenet Kent, (the Duchesses 2nd cousin). His father often joked that his name held bigger aspirations the he himself possessed.

Virgil is a stanch believer in quality first. Just because a machine can press a thousand parts per hour does not mean it cannot be a thing of beauty to use and behold.

The last time I lost control of my emotions I burned down a Church. Think about that for a second.

The first machine I ever designed professionally was misused and turned into an execution device. I designed it as a method of butchering cattle humanely.

I didn’t choose fire as my element, it had been a side effect of my automata since the first. They kept catching fire or exploding or other horrible things. My First Automaton was a reproduction of an idea from another era. A boy who writes messages on paper. Mine engraved things in fire.

I guess one could say The Morals of Reynard the Fox are my favorite stories from when I was young. Intelligence and cunning overcome brawn every time.

In my dreams there is always music, longing, and that I am incomplete, Quasi Modo, as it were. There is also the dream about the wheel or clock, with lives being stamped out under its weight, this lends a sense of terror that the world really is just one complicated machine.

Love. For Her, I would die, but would much rather kill so I don’t have.

Virgil Rhea Kent

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