The Guild offers a fine selection of pistols for your everyday personal defense needs. Within our three different lines Legacy Pistols, Revolvers, and Auto Loaders we have a pistol to suit any taste, style, or budget.

Long Arms

Along with our excellent pistol lines, we at the Guild offer a full line of shoulder fired long arms for both sporting and personal defense needs. There are five lines Legacy, Rifles, Carbines, Shotguns, and Advanced Rifles‒with choice selections from the most famous names in gunsmithing, as well as our own highly respected manufacturers here in Malifaux, like Blackheel & Doyle and Maucher Gunwerks.

Shot Guns

There are few firearms better suited for sporting and defensive purposes than the old reliable shotgun. A refinement of the old fashioned blunderbuss, shotguns have evolved over the years from primitive and inaccurate longarms with limited usability to one of the most common types of firearm. For centuries, from the matchlock and flintlock fowling pieces used by your grandfathers to the modern Chesterfield M97, shotguns have provided sport, put food on the table, protected our homes and businesses, and served in armies and navies all over the world. Produced in a dizzying array of sizes, actions, gauges, and configurations, there is a shotgun for every need. Thanks to their versatility, simplicity, and
durability, shotguns have also been the longarm of choice for those who live off the land or make their livings as miners, prospectors, adventurers, and explorers. We at the Guild have the honor of presenting to you a selection of fine shotguns from some of the most respected and reputable names in the industry. Our shotguns are all new, recently imported from Earth directly from the manufacturers and are guaranteed to be in the finest working order. Whether you need a reliable firearm to help you stock your larder, or to ensure the security of your claim, the Guild has the shotgun for you.


While every gun we sell is a shining example of the gunsmith’s craft and perfectly serviceable right out of the box, many customers like to personalize their new guns to fit their tastes and lifestyle. To accommodate for the varied predilections of our customers, any of our guns can be ordered with the following custom treatments.


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