Shot Guns

Collier Model 1883 Hammerless Shotgun

From the leading name in firearms production comes this stunner of a sporting shotgun. The Model 1883 is Collier’s premier shotgun, and a perfect fit for sportsmen and hunters. These are double-barreled, break action, full sized shotguns chambered in 10 gauge. Unlike previous models, the hammers and firing mechanisms of these weapons are all internal, encased in the case hardened receiver. When the action is broken open to load the barrels, the automatic extractor ejects the spent shells and readies the barrels for loading. Once the action is closed, the internal hammers are automatically recocked and the weapon is ready to fire. Thanks to the long barrels and fine craftsmanship of the Model 1883, they have excellent handling characteristics, low recoil, and possess excellent accuracy and range for shotguns of their class.

Solberg Inertia Shotgun

Designed by the inventor Avlin Solberg, and produced in Denmark, the Solberg Inertia Shotgun is taking the sporting world by storm. Using his patent Inertia action, Mr. Solberg has succeeded in creating the first self loading sporting shotgun. Chambered in 12 gauge, the Inertia Shotgun is a marvel of modern firearms technology. Operating on a principle similar to double-action pistols and rifles, the Solberg needs only to be cocked once to be ready to fire.

Chesterfield Model 1887/01
 photo Chesterfiels1887-01.png

Newly updated for this year, the reliable and well respected Model 1887 enters the 20th century in style. First designed by the famous Lucas Dawson in 1887, and produced by the Chesterfield Repeating Arms Company, the M87 was the first practical repeating shotgun to succeed on the market. Using Chesterfield’s well recognized falling block lever action, this breech loading shotgun was designed to introduce Chesterfield, heretofore a rifle company, to sportsmen and hunters in the shotgun market. Once it entered the market, the M87 quickly found favor among sportsmen who appreciated its power and versatility. As word spread, numerous law enforcement agencies and stagecoach companies also purchased them, as the characteristics that made the M87 such a fine sporting piece also made it well suited for more martial uses. Each of our M87/01 shotguns is new in its factory packaging and includes all proper certificates and documentation. The new /01 models are produced only in 10 gauge, and can fire either new smokeless powder rounds or the old black powder shotgun shells.

Chesterfield Model 1897
 photo Chesterfiels1897.png

The latest shotgun to come from the Chesterfield Repeating Arms Company, the striking Model 1897 is quite a rarity among modern shotguns. As you know, shotguns have been the sportsman’s choice of shoulder arms for generations, and the design and production of shotguns has been largely targeted squarely to hunters, sport shooters, and other adventurers. However, recent developments both in Malifaux and back on earth have shown the practicality and functionality of the shotgun in law enforcement and combat situations. With this in mind, Chesterfield directed famed inventor Huxley Andrajax to make them a gun that can operate well in both sporting and combat situations. What he delivered was the new Model 1897, the first combat oriented shotgun ever to be marketed. A stoutly built pump action shotgun chambered in 16 gauge, the new M97 has, in the few years it has been on the market, proven itself a very capable weapon. Easy handling and quick firing, the M97 is equipped with many features required by lawmen and soldiers the world over. The receiver and frame were strengthened to handle heavy abuse and reduce jamming as well as to chamber the smokeless shells, the stock was lengthened to improve handling, a heat shield was added over the barrel, and a bayonet lug was attached beneath the barrel. All of these features added up to make an incredibly effective weapon for a soldier.

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Shot Guns

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