Legacy Pistols

Alexeivich & Tocharof “Drakon”
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The occasional need for powerful and immediate close-range defensive firepower is a sad fact in Malifaux. Whether facing a pack of cutthroats in an alley or some nondescript creature deep in the narrow warrens of a mine, surprise attacks can come at any time. In the heat of such an encounter, passions flare and blood rises and even the calmest and most steelyeyed gunfighter may find their aim sadly reduced. To counter this, many of our customers prefer to carry a weapon that delivers more punch and requires less accuracy, to ensure a solid hit under even the most chaotic conditions. To meet this demand, we present the Drakon pistol by Alexeivich & Tocharof of Malifaux. The Drakon is the epitome of an A&T Firearm; heavy, sturdy, high powered, and able to take incredible punishment and still function properly. Called the “hand cannon” among those who carry it, this large, heavy pistol is essentially a scaled down blunderbuss.

Axton & Co. Model 1842 Army Pistol

These fine pistols recently arrived in Malifaux from the U.S. Army arsenal at Rock Island, Illinois. Manufactured by Harold Axton of Northton, Connecticut, the Model 1842 was the last smoothbore, single-shot pistol issued by the U.S. Army. They are .54 caliber muzzle-loading smoothbore pistols with nine inch round barrels and weigh roughly six pounds each. Rugged and handsome, each pistol features an oiled walnut stock, brass furniture (back strap, trigger guard, barrel band, and butt plate), and dark blued barrel and percussion lock. Each one is preserved in oiled leather, and as they are military surplus and lightly used, each has been inspected and guaranteed by the Guild of Mercantilers to ensure their safety and quality. Purchase of a Model 1842 includes the pistol, an all-in-one musket and rifle tool that features a knapping hammer, vent pick, turnscrew, patch work, and ram rod extension, and a secure locking case in which to keep your new firearm.

Liegn U.S. Navy Cutlass Pistol

These unique pistols were recently acquired by the Guild as part of a military surplus purchase. Produced in 1837 for the U.S. Navy, the Liegn Pistol is a combination percussion lock muzzle loading pistol and combat blade. Built in small numbers, these pistols come in .54 caliber and feature a five inch octagonal barrel over a twelve inch fighting knife. The pistol also features a broad, sweeping knuckle guard attached to the butt that not only protects the shooter’s hand but also acts as a set of knuckle dusters. Initially designed to both repel boarders and to arm boarding parties aboard warships, the navy found the weapons to be quite effective from a practical standpoint, as they allowed a seaman to carry both a pistol and a killing blade onto the deck of an enemy ship along with a pike or boarding axe.

Maucher Gunwerks Model One Three-Barreled Pocket Pistol

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One of the first firearms designed and built right here in Malifaux, the Three-Barreled Pocket Pistol is one of the most popular and well regarded firearms to come out of Maucher Gunwerks. The “Belly Gun” as it is widely known, is a very powerful pepperbox-type muzzle loading pistol with three short smoothbore barrels that are all fired together from a single percussion lock action. While small and easily carried in a bag or a lady’s purse or a gentleman’s greatcoat, the Model One packs an incredible punch in a very small package, making it a perfect self-defense weapon for a lady or gentleman of means. Said to deliver the power of a rifle or large-bore shotgun, each of the three smooth-bore barrels is chambered in .60 caliber and are stoutly forged to withstand heavy powder loads. Their lockworks are of the high quality you’ve come to know and expect from Maucher Gunwerks, and each one is guaranteed by Kurt Maucher himself to be free of defects and flaws.

Volyer’s Patent Revolving Pistol

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Designed by Elisha Haydon Volyer and produced by Marley Evens & Sons of London for the Royal Army forces stationed in the Far East, the Patent Revolving Pistol is one of the earliest revolving pistols available to the general public. These unique pistols bridge the gap between the single shot flintlocks of yore and the modern revolver. Before the Volyer, the ability to deliver multiple rounds quickly and accurately to a target was largely the purview of the pepperbox pistols. Not true revolvers, pepperboxes use multiple barrels and fire all of their rounds at once, making them very specialized and often unreliable. The Volyer Patent Revolver changed that paradigm, allowing for multiple rounds to be loaded in advance and fired as quickly as the shooter could cock the hammer and point his pistol. Whereas pepperboxes had multiple barrels and each one was loaded individually, the genius of the Volyer was in its revolving cylinder which was loaded with the balls, powder, and wads and fed a single barrel. Groundbreaking in their time, these pistols operate on a singleaction principle that rotates a cylinder every time the pistol is cocked. It also uses a proprietary mechanism to pre-prime the pan when the pistol is cocked, feeding powder from an internal magazine, thus obviating the need to prime before every shot and speeding the pistol’s already prodigious rate of fire. The Volyer’s Patent Revolvers available from our catalog are trusty and well-loved veterans, having seen action with various Indian Sepoy units in the early 19th century. Recently uncovered in an archived Royal Armoury and imported to Malifaux by the Royal Ordnance Board, each one of these beautiful guns has been thoroughly inspected and test fired by our own staff gunsmiths. Our Volyers are .52 caliber and hold seven rounds of powder and ball charges in their cylinders. They have nine inch octagonal rifled barrels, and their fine steel cylinder and lockworks are all finished in a hardy bluing with a fine patina that gives them a classical beauty. The stocks are a mix of walnut and dark red elm, and many are inlaid with designs in copper, brass, mother of pearl, and even jade. As these are quite old and military surplus, there are no cases or valises available. However, with your purchase of a Volyer you receive a holster, a powder flask, and one of our patent flintlock multi-tools along with your new pistol.

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Legacy Pistols

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