Legacy Pistols

It seems that life is ever increasing in complexity in this modern age of technological, magical, and alchemical wonders. Mankind has made many leaps forward in the past two centuries, and nowhere is that more evident than in the science of ballistics and gunsmithing. Today’s firearms come in a dizzying array of styles and can be quite complicated with their clockwork actions, use of soulstones, and the occasional application of steam technology. Some of our customers long for a simpler time, however. A time before automatic revolving rifles, clockwork powered men of brass, and the opening of the Breach. They are men and women with simple tastes in their clothes, their lodging, their food, and even in their firearms. It is for these honest, hardworking souls that we provide our line of Legacy Pistols. Legacy Pistols are wonderfully useful and faithful weapons. Simple, elegant tools that would look right at home in the belt of a dashing 18th century sea captain, or hung in a place of honor above your grandfather’s hearth. While some are imported from the best gunsmiths on Earth, many are made by our proud and professional native Malifaux gunsmiths, names you know and trust like Maucher and Blackheel & Doyle. Presented here are a collection of percussion lock and flintlock pistols to suit the needs of nearly every discerning firearm owner in Malifaux. From the oldest codger minding his stake to the newly arrived and budget minded customer, the Guild Legacy Sidearms line has a pistol for almost every need.


The tried and true revolver is the modern mainstay of firearms design. Beginning with the first mass-produced cap-and-ball revolver, Collier’s Patterson five-shot revolver, this marvel of technology changed the face of warfare and reshaped the American frontier more than nearly any other invention save perhaps for soulstone magics and the steam locomotive. No longer the heavy, slow-loading, finicky revolvers of your grandfather’s generation, the modern cartridge offerings from the likes of Collier, Brenington, Weshorn & Smitte, and Blackheel & Doyle, are rugged, reliable, and easy to use. Presented in the following section are our current stock of available new and surplus revolvers. Like all of our offerings, our revolvers are inspected and guaranteed upon their arrival in Malifaux, and presented to you, our valued customer, secure in the knowledge that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase. As a reward for our loyal customers, each purchase of one of our Collier Revolvers includes a locking wooden case with brass fixtures and a baize interior that holds the pistol safely and securely in its own fitted space. The case also has spots for twenty rounds, a small maintenance kit, a powder flask and scale, and a flask of gun oil.


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